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Written by  April 20, 2021
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This International Seminar theme is "Legal and Human Rights’ Perspective in Post-Pandemic Recovery" which brings up recovery ideas and issues in various post-Pandemic sectors, especially around: State, Health, Economy and Technology. In accordance with the above theme, this activity refers to legal and human rights views as the rationale for recovery policies both nationally and internationally after COVID-19. The sub-themes are as follows:

  1. “Covid-19 and its impact towards Constitutional Law Regimes”;
  2. “Human Rights Perspective in Technology Development following Post-Pandemic Recovery”;
  3. “The Legal and Human Rights Issues over Covid-19 and Post-Pandemic Recovery: Capturing Health and Medical Sector”;
  4. “Capturing Economy in Post-Pandemic Recovery: Legal and Human Rights Issues”


To further provide various perspectives and enhance people understanding towards post-pandemic recovery, the committee is delighted to invite:

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Rosan P. Roeslani* - Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Deputy Chairperson of the PEN Task Force) of the Republic of Indonesia


  • Professor Zuhairah Ariff binti Abd Ghadas - Universitas Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia;
  • Assistant Professor (of Comparative) Constitutional Law Sascha Hardt - Maastricht University;
  • Mr. Wahyudi Djafar (Human Rights and Technology Issues during the pandemic and post-pandemic recovery) - Director Executive ELSAM;
  • Mr. M. Nasser (Health Legal Issues and Dispute Resolution during and post-pandemic) Indonesian Health Law Association.


This event consists of two main agendas;

International Seminar and Call for Papers :

Plenary, Thurday 29 April 2021

Panelist, Friday 30 April 2021

UPDATED INFO : Abstract Submission due date is prolonged until 26 April 2021;

                         Fullpaper Submissions due date is prolonged until 6 May 2021.

Registration link :

Further Info:

Mila: 087887307897

Dessy: 082242761229

The writing template can be downloaded in attachment on this post

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